The Son of Winston Churchill was founded in December 2015, by Hasse Berg and launched to the public February 2016. Shortly after, Aaron Cave and Seth Brown joined the crew.

The Son of Winston Churchill is driven by a long and everlasting love affair with whisk(e)y and a crystal clear ideology, wanting to have fun and be a independent part of the secret whisk(e)y society. Meaning that the site will stay clear of financial self-interests and running only by the passion and joy for whisk(e)y. A whisky society for the whisk(e)y enthusiasts.

The Son of Winston Churchill features reviews, interviews and articles about all things whisk(e)y.

We are very committed to the whisk(e)y society, and love to engage other whisk(e)y enthusiasts and whisk(e)y bloggers to participate on our blog. Throughhout the years we have had the pleasure of working together with a wide variety of amazing people.

The Son of Winston Churchill reaches whisk(e)y fans from all over the world, and a large numbers of readers visits our blog each month.

The Son of Winston Churchill accepts samples in exchange for a fair, honest and impartial review! Click here to get in contact with us.

What other medias has to say about The Son Of Winston Churchill:

The Son of Winston Churchill are:

Aaron Cave (Ohio, USA). 
Main focus: High-proof and barrel pick bourbons.

Cody Diefenderfer (California, USA)
Main focus: Scotch Whisky.

Erik Hasselgärde (Copenhagen, Denmark) 
Main focus: American Whiskey.

Hasse Berg (Randers, Denmark) Daily editor.
Main focus: Scotch & American Whisk(e)y, and Independent Bottlings. 

Monty Whisenhunt (Austin, Texas) 
Main focus: Reviewer of all things Whisk(e)y.

Seth Brown (Atlanta, USA) 
Main focus: American Whiskey.

Whisky Pete (Houston, USA)
Whisky Pete lives among the SOWC and wanders the pages of our blog.

The Son of Winston Churchill Crew carry’s an equal part of the process, and contribution to the site.